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Get Fast Approval at E-Z Auto of Hanahan

Get Prequalified on your car loan from E-Z Auto Of Hanahan of North Charleston and Goose Creek South Carolina. With 5 easy steps, you can get your dream car as we work closely with lenders.

No dealer’s fee, No Admin Fees, and No Closing Cost.  Our Pre-owned Car Dealerships are both available at Remount Rd, North Charleston, and Red Bank Rd Goose Creek South Carolina.

Getting Pre-qualified, you’ll get to know your options instantly without affecting your credit score and SSN is not required.  When you click the button “How it works” will guide you through the process.

In an instant, you can know the status of your application. We offer a variety of pre-owned vehicles, just simply fill out the form on the online application, and get prequalified. Our expert sales

Our team will assist you as quickly as possible to ensure you get the support you need call us now.